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Privacy Notice

NWC, Inc Shipping Policies

1: These policies are set up to clearly spell out all our benefits and terms of your dealership at the time of printing of this business plan. Unfortunately, the market place we all compete in today is very fast paced and dynamic and therefore we must reserve the right to change, amend, replace, delete or modify any of these policies at any time without any prior notice. We strongly suggest that if you have a question or concern regarding any of these policies you contact us at 910-579-8550 or email us at for our latest policies.

2: NWC, Inc will at its own discretion and only in special circumstances allow returns of orders, with a few exceptions in which the merchandise has not been opened or used. If the factory seal is broken on any box, we unfortunately cannot accept the return for any reason other then if it is defective and being returned for an even exchange.

We also cannot accept returns or cancellations on the following items; computers, notebooks, printers, monitors, large screen TVs of 25” or larger, Plasma TVs, diamond or 14K jewelry, software, digital cameras or camcorders or any of our dealership enhancement services (i.e. OEM, web sites, extra catalogs, email blasts, Cost Club, ETC). Items that you wish to return and have been approved by NWC using its sole discretion to allow the return, must be sent back to us within 21 days of our ship date and are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Refunds of over $50.00 will be issued in the same manner that the order was originally paid in. Refunds of $50.00 or less will be only be refunded as merchandise credit to your NWC, Inc account, for future purchases. Once an order is accepted by NWC, Inc., it is understood that the order will be filled within 30 days of the placement date. Any orders that cannot be filled within the 30-day period will be refunded in full, unless you specifically tell us you wish to continue to wait for the goods . Should you tell us that you wish to continue to wait we will handle the order as if it was just being placed again for the first time and a new 30-day cycle will be started for us to fill the order.

Computer systems are the one exception to this rule. Due to the nature of custom-built computers we reserve the right to ship systems within 60 days from the date of order, instead of the 30 days, that covers all other products. In most instances our custom built computers ship within 10 - 15 days but due to the unpredictable nature of the computer industry, time frames may vary. To check what the current time frame is for a custom built PC, please call our computer division at 910-579-8550 and speak with Suzanne (ext 13).

If you wish to cancel an order during the 30-day ship period and the item is approved for a refund under NWC sole discretion, we will cancel the order and the return merchandise rules will be used to process the cancellation as if the item had been returned to us. This means a 20% restocking fee will be assessed. If you wish to cancel an item that is not a normally returnable product before the 30-day shipment (60-days in the case of a computer) policy hits like a camcorder, you must submit a request to us and we may or may not make an exception and cancel the order. This is completely at our discretion and in case we do make an exception there will be a 20% restocking fee applied to the cancellation (25% in the case of a computer).

3: Shipping: All items shipped from NWC, Inc., are guaranteed to arrive without damage and be in new working order. In the very rare instance an item is damaged in shipping, please notify us immediately and we will arrange for the carrier to return and inspect the damage and file an insurance claim, on your behalf. Do not attempt to return the item to us, as this will void the insurance claim with the carrier.

The item must be inspected at the address of delivery, if a claim is to be paid. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a denial of insurance claim and NWC, Inc., will not accept any liability for the damaged shipment. Please notify us of any damage claims within 5 days of delivery by calling us at 910-579-8550 and speaking with Lisa or you may email us at

4: Drop shipping of orders: We will gladly ship all your orders directly to your customers, at no additional charge other then the normal shipping charges. You never need to handle any merchandise directly, unless you wish to. All goods are shipped with only a packing list and our name does not appear anywhere on the shipment. We use your name and address as the shipper and if you like, we can attach a custom-shipping label with your name on it to all your orders.

To arrange using your own shipping label, please contact our shipping department by emailing and they will gladly furnish you the specs needed for your label.


NWC, Inc respects your right to privacy. Our Internet policy is very clear, we do not collect any data, send any cookies or record any information on you, without your permission.

Information you may choose to submit either by placing an order or by filling out a request form will be kept totally confidential and is never sold or disclosed to anyone outside of NWC, Inc., and is stored on our fully encrypted servers, for your safety.

We will only contact you through the use of your information, if we have received your permission to do so or if we are having a problem processing your order.

If you have any additional questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Your information may be shared should the need arise in order to comply with any state, federal or court ordered disclosures and also to address or respond to inquiries initiated by you involving credit card inquiries through your bank or with any advocacy groups such as the FBAA, BBB or other industry group.